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At MountainScapes of Appalachia, we believe in going above and beyond for our clients. While we’re based out of Avery County, North Carolina, we’ve been servicing the great state of North Carolina for decades with exceptional landscaping and hardscaping. Our professional landscapers are extensively trained and set the bar high when it comes to hardscaping, landscape design, landscape lighting, waterscapes, and more! We specialize in bringing the ambiance of the breathtaking North Carolina mountains to your yard and are ready to take your outdoor space from boring to beautiful in no time!

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Landscaping is so much more than just planting some flowers, it can truly change the entire look and feel of your home’s exterior when done correctly. Whether we’re starting with a blank canvas or giving your current landscape a facelift, we can form a detailed plan to meet all your wants and needs! We pride ourselves on our ability to actively listen to our clients to make their yard goals a reality that even exceeds their expectations. We understand that you want your landscape to be more than just aesthetically pleasing, it should also function. That’s why we take care of all the little details from start to finish so everything is taken into consideration and executed with precision! We can assure you that your home will be the envy of the whole neighborhood by the time our work is done! We have a wide service area to meet your needs whether you’re looking for landscapers in Avery County, McDowell County, Mitchell County, or Watauga County. 

Landscape Services in Avery County

MountainScapes of Appalachia provides an array of landscape and hardscape services that will turn heads. Some of our most popular services include:

  • WaterScapes: We are proud to introduce WaterScapes by MountainScapes of Appalachia! Mentioning the various styles that we offer will allow you a more in depth look at what is available. From bubbling stones and fountains, all-natural swimming ponds, or mountain streams with lush waterfall features – your space can be transformed into an oasis for nature lovers everywhere when these landscapes come into play nurturing relaxation within any outdoor space.
  • StoneScapes: StoneScapes by MountainScapes of Appalachia brings the beauty and textures that natural stone has to offer your landscape! We have a variety of options available for you, including boulder retaining walls or putting greens with an old-fashioned touch. If walking paths are more your speed, we can create a stone path you’ve always imagined so you, as well as your guests, can enjoy their surroundings while out on walks at any time – day or night! You won’t find any landscapers Avery County has to offer that can use stone quite like we can.
  • IllumaScapes: We know you have high standards and are always looking for ways to make your outdoor space unique. That’s why we stock the best lights in all of North Carolina! We specialize not only with security concerns, but also how a little light can change everything about an area: from creating paths through dark areas at night or adding some much-needed, fun color-changing technology outside–MountainScapes of Appalachia has you covered so no matter what type of landscape design project needs to be done! The easiest way to change the aesthetics of your home’s exterior is with IllumaScapes! With our custom holiday themes and lights that change automatically, you can create a new mood in minutes. We are the premier company for landscape lighting in the area!

The Benefits of Landscaping









When people think of landscaping, oftentimes they’re just scratching the surface as they envision a few trees, flowers, and freshly cut grass. Landscaping goes much deeper than that though and can not only create a visual appeal but something that is also good for the environment and the value of your home as a whole. Here are just a few of the benefits:
  • Cooler Temperatures – How many of you have experienced the heat of a summer’s day? It is something that can make one feel miserably hot and uncomfortable. There is a simple fix though! Planting grass and trees can significantly cool down your outdoor space and provide shade whether you’re just getting some fresh air or entertaining guests outdoors.
  • Increases the Quality of Air and Water – Did you know that a single tree can provide four people with enough oxygen for a day? What about the fact that trees and grass work overtime every day to clean the air and water by ridding them of carbon dioxide, dust, and smoke? When it comes to protecting our water supplies, plants are the best buddies you could ever hope for! They act as stormwater runoff buffers and reduce pollution from nearby bodies of water. In effect, this helps filter out any unwanted sediments that may end up going downstream.
  • Quality of Life –  With so many physical and psychological benefits, landscaping is a win-win. For example: just looking at plants is shown to reduce blood pressure; walking through natural environments like those found in neighborhoods or on college campuses helps people focus better. Residents of communities with plenty of green space report lower stress levels as well as reduced healthcare costs. Landscaping is not only an investment in your home but in yourself as well!
  • Increases the Value of Your Home – Landscaping your yard can be an excellent way to increase the market value of your home. Professional landscaping helps buyers perceive a property as more luxurious, resulting in higher asking prices for those properties when compared with homes without such features.
  • One of a Kind Features – Water features are an excellent way to transform your landscape and make it more memorable. Aesthetically pleasing water areas can provide unique textures, sounds of nature like bird songs or flowing rivers; they also bring new wildlife that might otherwise not be there! The perfect backdrop for any outdoor living space will help turn what was once boring into something extraordinary.
  • Prevents Erosion – Retaining walls can be a great way to prevent soil from sliding down the hill and damaging your property. They’re practical, but they also add beauty–and creativity! The options for materials and designs allow you more flexibility in how these barriers look on your property!


What People Say About Us

John and his team's work far surpassed anything I could have imagined! I literally cannot wait to pull up in my driveway after work now, put my comfy clothes on, and go sit outside!

    Regan Traynor
    Regan Traynor

    If you're looking for landscaping of any kind, I HIGHLY recommend Mountainscapes of Appalachia! They were kind, respectful, and professional. I've had many people comment on my backyard and how gorgeous it is! They did a fantastic job and I'll certainly be using them in the future. Thank you!

      Dottie Lineberry
      Dottie Lineberry

      Do yourself a favor and give these guys a call. All I can say is WOW! I can tell you that I won't ever have to rent a space for a get together ever again, people are going to be trying to rent my space!

        Curtis Sims
        Curtis Sims

        The Premier Landscape Company

        We know you have options when it comes to who you entrust your yard to, which is why we at MountainScapes of Appalachia do everything in our power to not only put emphasis on our work but also our clients. Our clients are our greatest asset and the reason we’re able to do what we love every single day. Your satisfaction is paramount to us, so we continue our education to stay up to date on all the latest and greatest trends, methods, and materials. Your home should be treated with the utmost respect and we intend to do just that! 


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